Lightweight aerated concrete for fast and cost-effective building

Xella is a worldwide leader in lightweight aerated concrete products. Ytong is the name of our most popular product. It is a light, natural building material made of lime, cement and sand. A large amount of closed cells with stagnant air gives the Ytong panels and blocks unique properties and processing advantages. This allows you to build fast. Flexible, affordable and labour-friendly innovation.

The advantages of Xella aerated concrete products
- Affordable
- Lightweight
- Stony
- Sturdy
- Impermeable to weather conditions, pests or fire

The advantages of our modular building systems
- Standardized
- PrefabModular
- Customised delivery
- Less building site expenditures
- No waste on the building site
- Finishing: no plastering, just painting

Increased speed and efficiency compared to traditional building methods
Value Xella

Discover the Ytong building system

Create high quality buildings fast and easy, anywhere around the world with the Ytong building system.


Xella's modular systems for fast, cost-effective and high-quality construction
- The Xella construction system for every conceivable application: Modular V building system
- Rapid construction of temporary housing: Modular U building system
- Residential and non-residential construction: Modular H building system
- High-rise buildings, shopping centres and industrial buildings: Modular S building system