We’ve the facilities, the specialists, the know-how and the innovations

Every human needs a place to call home and a safe place to work and Xella is uniquely suited to meeting that need.
Xella in the World
Firstly, because of our international presence. You will find Xella offices in more than 30 countries. We have access to no fewer than 91 factories producing construction materials in over 20 different countries. Our production processes require relatively little energy. No harmful substances are released and the material is fully recyclable.

Xella aerated concrete blocks and panels are used annually in thousands of homes and other buildings because of their superior product qualities and ease of processing. In addition, Xella is a solid, reliable organisation, with a history going back nearly 90 years and excellent operating results (1.4 billion euros in 2017).

With more than 6,100 colleagues, we have a great deal of knowledge in areas such as construction technology, logistics, sustainability, comfort, energy saving, digitisation, user requirements and legislation. We test all this knowledge on a daily basis in various countries and cultures, which allows us to keep innovating and guarantees that we can meet the specific requirements of your projects.