Building societies

    If the family is the cornerstone of society, Xella can be the cornerstone of their homes. 

      Enabling education

      Xella aims to help building schools and kindergartens to give children an educated start and their mothers a chance to work.

        Helping healthcare

        With the help of Xella, communities can build hospitals or local aid posts to improve healthcare in their societies.  

          Improving industry

          If we build the place, they can make it work. Xella aims to help create industrial buildings where skilled workers can make a living and boost local trade.

            Boosting business

            Let’s boost entrepreneurial minds all around the world by creating places where ideas can be transformed into products and services. 

            Every human needs a place to call home

            Every human needs a place to call home and a safe place to work. In a world with more than 7.6 billion inhabitants and a population growth of about 80 million per year, that simple truth brings with it a considerable challenge. Xella finds this challenge inspiring. Our drive is to enable families, villages, companies and communities to build and own comfortable and affordable homes, schools, hospitals, production facilities and offices. We want to implement smart and cost-effective building solutions for, and together with, people from all over the world.

            Let's build homes